Business of caring and CARE

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The Lake City community is as challenged as any during these difficult times. With a large population of people living outside in the business district, local business owners are challenged with the difficult conditions on the ground.What to do? With … Continued

Contribute to SHARE

Meal/Food donation link and guidelines HERE In the mid-1990’s, Maple Leaf Lutheran Church welcomed SHARE shelter part time to the NE Seattle-Meadowbrook community. In these very different and hopeful times, the community and the hosts have now welcomed our guests … Continued

Thanks Stryder, for CARE

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It’s a difficult task, to age and have friends, family, young and old, come and go, passing on, way too young or living a life with too much pain. Experiencing loved ones passing anytime but especially in a season of … Continued

Remote CARE

With MC2’s support, shelter, tutoring, holiday care and food security remain strong in the NE Seattle community during these turbulent times. We recently secured funding for approximately 600 children again this holiday season. Also realized is our support for low … Continued

We did it!

With an inspiring display of community spirit, the residents of NE Seattle have come together in 2020 to provide needy children with a little brighter holiday season. Thank you to everyone who sponsored children or donated money to our gift … Continued

CARE for another

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Northeast Seattle’s full time shelter in Lake City’s Meadowbrook neighborhood began in March, 2020. With 16 residents settled in, many in community have been able to send support with meals, and other ancillary CARE. The coed shelter has been fortunate … Continued