Remote CARE

With MC2’s support, shelter, tutoring, holiday care and food security remain strong in the NE Seattle community during these turbulent times. We recently secured funding for approximately 600 children again this holiday season. Also realized is our support for low … Continued


The Seattle 2019-20 school year has begun. MC2’s CARE for Olympic Hills Elementary (OHE) students in need is a big part of our nonprofits yearly effort. A north end holiday support program and food security effort in Meadowbrook also keeps … Continued


Words in a document that are all capitalized, use of the exclamation point in a text or attempting to express complete ‘joy’ in a document is a bit of a literary challenge. Imagine the random moment when the ELL after school program students at Olympic … Continued

One-on-One Works!

With the same twelve students on the two day a week after school program, filling the need for one-on-one engagement can be a volunteer management challenge. Securing 24+/- tutors would seem to be a daunting task. A rewarding effort is an easy sell. This year … Continued

Hearts and minds…

The Lake City After School Program at Olympic Hills Elementary operates on Monday and Tuesdays during the school year. Teachers identify students English Language needs and connect with parents around the one-on-one tutor experience at the school. There are other opportunities (basketball, … Continued

Girl Power

Each tutor session at Olympic Hills has a break time built in. Good or bad weather, students love to spread their wings. Four square, kick ball, jump rope or playground; lots of choices. But litter pickup? Having explained MLK day … Continued

Sunny NO BOO Treat

This October celebration day at Olympic Hills Elementary was topped off with the local ‘Little Kitchen’ bakery’s  confectionery. Located on Lake City Way, it serves the two Cafe Javastis’ in the Wedgwood and Maple Leaf neighborhood. The student-break during the weekly tutor … Continued

Peekaboo O.H.E.

The language support after school program we’ve shepherded over the last four years now enters an exciting and hopeful stage. The Lake City community and Olympic Hills specifically, continue to advocate for quality resources and equitable access. We took a little tour to … Continued

This Works!

Back in 2007, Meadowbrook Community CARE (MC2) developed a vision for after school care in Northeast Seattle. Along with commitment comes partners, curriculum and goals.  When MC2 looked at our opportunities back in 2013 we were determined to get the … Continued


Halloween celebrations at Olympic Hills are an interesting dynamic.  With the diversity that is, and the mixing of many cultures, there is one message that is not lost on the students.  So, when you want to engage a student after … Continued


The English Language Learners (ELL) classes at MC2’s Lake City After School Program has a recess component built into each day.  As one might guess, there are a wide range of experiential moments that happen on any given day.  Getting ice … Continued

Plan for Success

The Lake City After School Project focus’ on English Language Learning (ELL) programming at Olympic Hills Elementary School. Temporarily sited at the recently refurbished Cedar Park School, the campaign to reach those  most in need of support has been well … Continued

Lions Flipping

The Lake City Lions Service Organization offered their annual Holiday Pancake Breakfast benefit this past Saturday, Dec 5th. The delicious event benefits Olympic Hills Elementary School PTA, MC2’s ELL partner. The Lake City Lions have a long history of support … Continued

Cinco De Mayo

On Monday May 4th and Tuesday May 5th from 8am to 10pm Seattle law firm, Emerald City Law Group (ECLG) will match proceeds received on the Cinco De Mayo Celebration Fundraiser at TNT Taquiera Restaurant in Wallingford.  Supporting Meadowbrook Community CARE’s … Continued

Trifold Fun

English Language Learners @ Olympic Hills participated in an all school trifold project display. A pot luck also accompanied the presentation.  A lot of hard work and fun went into the day with great results.

Computers Coming

Purchasing for the Lake City After School Project at the Lake City Community Center this Fall 2013 has started.  InterConnnection, a nonprofit working to make computers affordable and available to nonprofits is working with us to provide 10 laptops.  This … Continued