Back in June 2016, MC2 gauged interest in a safe street project that moved citizens between Meadowbrook and Wedgwood. With a ‘stores’ to ‘parks’ focus, the hope is to build intentional awareness on a street that already acts and quacks like a greenway.

The support for a greenway began with a visit to the local community councils of Meadowbrook and Wedgwood. In 2016 the representatives acknowledged and supported the idea and what it meant for the community.  With a residential street that was level, calm and strategic in its location, it is identified as ideal to ‘feet’ and ‘pedal’ users. A key element to the idea is a dedicated crosswalk at 95th and 32nd NE.

With schools, parks and consumers looking for safe streets, the hope is that being intentional and supportive around non-car traffic, citizens can rely on this resource as they switch from their cars for other healthy alternatives. Traveling north-south in these communities can be challenging when using 35th NE. The congestion and speeds work against folks wanting to be safe and reducing the carbon footprint helps with that goal.

The future is bright for ‘feet & pedals’, as the neighbors embrace safety and community first. Go to the barber, do your laundry, grab a beer or coffee, get your groceries and go to the bank. Happy pedaling, happy feet!