MC2 is a small organization and the board of directors play an important role in fulfilling our mission, both in the short term and for years to come. We are excited for board members to contribute their perspectives, skills, connections, and ideas, and take part in important decisions that will guide our future. The main responsibilities of the board are insight, foresight, and oversight of our mission and operations.

Insight: making sense for our organization within a bigger cause.

Big picture work: Why do we exist? What will best move our mission forward over time within our changing communities and world? What are the areas of need in our community that we can best address?

Foresight: Strategists for the organization

Strategic work: Where are we going? What’s the plan? Are we developing the relationships and projects that we should be? Are we on track to be financially sustainable? Are our assets protected and risks mitigated?

Oversight: Stewards of the organization

Technical work: What’s happening? Are our programs effective? Are our financial and other resources being used responsibly, as entrusted to us by our donors? Are we fulfilling our legal requirements? What are bottlenecks affecting how we can efficiently operate?

Expected responsibilities and duties

  • Actively participate in board activities.
    • Board meetings are held quarterly – typically Jan, April, July, October on Sundays from 3:30-5pm but we do our best to accommodate everyone’s schedule.
    • Carry out the fiduciary responsibilities of the board, such as reviewing our annual financial statements, providing input on and voting on our budget, assisting with any fundraising, etc.
    • Attend in person or remotely. Review agenda and supporting materials prior the meetings. If you cannot attend a meeting, please notify the board beforehand and provide any updates as appropriate, and any input on the agenda items; after the meeting, review the minutes and follow-up on any items as needed.
    • Occasionally we may hold additional meetings as necessary to focus on specific project or areas of interest.
  • Advance the mission of MC2.
    • Be informed about our mission, services, policies, bylaws, and programs.
    • Promote our organization and mission, and work to enhance our public image.
    • Nominate and elect members and officers to the board.
    • Perform all duties ethically, in good faith, and with reasonable care, as outlined in the bylaws and articles of incorporation.
    • Represent the interest of all people this organization serves and do nothing to violate their trust or the trust of those who elected me to the board.
  • Additional contributions, as able and willing.
    • Serving as an officer or leading a project or committee (e.g., grants/fundraising).
    • Taking on action-items outside of the meetings (e.g., researching appropriate insurance policies and getting quotes, having donor thank you cards made).
    • Time and monetary donations.

Interested in Learning More?

We would love to speak to you about our board activities! Send us a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.