A partnership between Meadowbrook Community Care, Maple Leaf Lutheran Church, Meadowbrook Community Garden and Orchards, and SHARE. Our goal is to create a welcoming opportunity to Universities, local schools and communities to engage in real world care and spread the CARE message that supports MC2’s various community projects.

We engage rural community youth groups and University student treks with the invitation to reside at the church while they work on service projects that have made a lasting impact in building resilience and sustainability in the community, such as meal donations and time with SHARE shelter residents and work party events at MCGO. Since 2004, we have hosted youth groups from Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, California and North Dakota.

Participate: Are you in search of a community project for your school? Want an outdoor service effort that builds teamwork, supports environmental urban resilience? Contact us to discuss opportunities and schedules.

Urban Cross Trek News

Spring Break!

All sorts of images come to mind when one hears ‘Spring Break!’. Recalling my youth…

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