Deliver Meals or Groceries

Currently we have 8 residents in our Maple Leaf SHARE shelter. Food and/or meals should be dropped off at the door with a knock, utilizing a No Contact approach. If you feel uncomfortable about dropping off groceries, please send me an email at

Dinner Ideas: Please be creative in meals that allow minimal sharing (small pizzas, individually wrapped Subway/Jimmy John sandwiches, individual teriyarki chicken, etc). ideal time for dinner drop off is 6 pm. They love these meals, so thank you!!

For Groceries: They have requested food items for the microwave, canned meats/fruits/vegetables, fruit (bananas, apples, oranges), and/or sandwich items (bread, cheese, jelly, eggs and milk). Popular requests at this time: FRUIT!

 They would also enjoy cards, games and puzzles if you have them to donate! Feel free to drop off at any time.

Please drop off the meals OR food at the door by the Southwest door of Maple Leaf Lutheran Church (10005 32nd Ave NE, Seattle) off 100th Street. Thank you for your support!

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